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meeting the needs of educators and parents everywhere

The Conference Manager was initially created by Brant Parker who, at the time, was a school principal in Canada, but who had previously spent a five year period working in the technology sector in Silicon Valley. Brant recognized the unnecessary stress faced by parents and front-line office staff whenever it came time to book parent-teacher interviews. The simple solution was to find an online system for scheduling parent-teacher conferences that had the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of his school. Sounds simple enough...but nothing existed that worked the way he needed in his school!

Brant tapped into his technology expertise, along with an intimate knowledge of schools, to create the first version of the Conference Manager. After the initial implementation in Brant's school, Brant join forces with Cam McNicol, a former teacher and prominent player in the educational technology field, and together they created SchoolSoft Technologies.

The system was upgraded and piloted in several other schools - each with unique requirements. After successfully scheduling several thousand conferences in a variety of configurations and creating hundreds of thrilled parents and school staff members, the SchoolSoft Conference Manager was made available to all principals and schools interested in implementing a flexible online system for scheduling parent-teacher interviews and eliminating the unnecessary pressures associated with traditional methods of booking conferences.

Today SchoolSoft has grown to serve the ongoing needs of schools or districts in Canada, the United States of America, the Caribbean, Europe and South Africa.  We are proud of the close relationship we have maintained with our customers.