Premier web-based solution for scheduling parent-teacher conferences

Why use the Conference Manager?

The Conference Manager is designed for schools and districts that value strong connections with their parents and strive to provide effective services and convenience by using proven internet technologies.  The Conference Manager is available in both single school and district versions. Whether you host individual appointments with parents, block schedule, or have student-led parent Conferences, the Conference Manager can be configured to meet your needs.

Schools that are interested in a process that is easier on school staff, provides a real convenience to parents and is cost-conscious will find the Conference Manager a great fit. The Conference Manager is a low-cost way to spare school office staff the labour-intensive process of managing parent-teacher conferences bookings and communications while providing parents with a simple means of selecting, coordinating and booking parent-teacher conferences anytime and anywhere a parent can access the internet.


  • Spares school office staff the labour-intensive process of managing parent-teacher conferences bookings and communications
  • Provides parents with a valuable service by enabling them to manage the process of selecting, coordinating and booking parent-teacher conferences anytime and anywhere a parent can access the internet
  • Provides a real convenience to parents
  • Easier process for school staff
  • Teachers can access schedules in real-time
  • Little technical knowledge is required to use the Conference Manager
  • Little or no additional demand is placed on busy IT departments
  • Contribute positively to the school community in a cost-effective manner
  • Simple means of having the booking and management of parent teacher conferences reflect today’s connected and progressive schools
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What is the Conference Manager?

The SchoolSoft Conference Manager is an easy-to implement and proven solution for scheduling Parent-Teacher conferences over the web. The SchoolSoft Conference Manager eliminates much of the frustration faced by parents wanting to book a Parent-Teacher conference by allowing them to view, schedule and coordinate their conferences anywhere and anytime they have access to the Internet.  While parents have convenience, school staff are empowered to create, manage and stay on top of the process of scheduling conferences in ways that were previously not possible.

What happens once we decide to proceed with the Conference Manager?


The implementation of the SchoolSoft Conference Manager is fast and straightforward. Best of all, it doesn’t require a high level of technical expertise. That's our responsibility! In fact, the system should add little, if anything, to the to-do list of your school or system IT personnel.

  1. The process begins with you providing the school information required for us to configure your school's implementation of the Conference Manager
  2. We then set up your school’s own unique version of the Conference Manager. (A district-level implementation of the Conference Manager is also available, please contact us directly if you are interested).
  3. Once this is done, staff accounts can be created and, using the Conference Round Wizard, you will be confidently setting up your first first round of parent-teacher conferences. A member of our Customer Services team is available to provide support if it is needed.

It typically only takes only a couple of days from the time a school expresses its interests in proceeding with the Conference Manager to have the Conference Manager ready to be used by the school.


Parent Access and Conference Scheduling

  1. Based on the dates you select, parents are able to create an account and log into the system.
  2. At a specific date and time designated by the school, the system sends an email reminder to registered parents and enables them access schedules and start booking their conferences.
  3. During the process of booking a conference, the school can enable parents to enter optional questions or comments for a specific teacher.
  4. After parents have completed the booking process they are invited to participate in an optional survey that allows school administrators to gauge parents satisfaction with their on-line scheduling experience.
  5. After a parent books a conference he or she will receive a confirmation email that includes a detailed conference itinerary.

We know that some parents in your school community may not have Internet access. The SchoolSoft Conference Manager has an extensive list of features that allows any school office personnel to quickly book or manage conferences for parents who need to call in or drop by the school.

Staff Access and System Management

Each teacher on your staff is provided with a unique login. This allows them to access the system and see their schedules.

We know from experience that there are occasions where additional school personnel, such as a resource teacher or guidance counselor, are needed in a specific conference pertaining to a student. The SchoolSoft Conference Manager accommodates this by enabling a teacher to invite any number of additional staff to attend a specific conference. Once booked this conference then shows up in the associated staff member's schedule.

There are a number of features that can be enabled or disabled at the discretion of the school administration:

Parent Questions

For each conference booking, parents have the option of entering specific questions or comments intended for the participating teacher, which then appear in the schedule viewed by the teacher.

Parent comments
Appointment Maximums

The number of appointments a parent can book with each teacher per child can be set as can the total number of conferences across all teachers.

Maximum bookings
Reserve/block off times for breaks, etc.

Knowing that some conference schedules extend over a long period of time, the Conference Manager can also be configured to allow the teachers to block off one or more times to accommodate for a break or the system administrator can create a common break for all teachers. Once designated, these blocks are not able to be booked by a parent.

Staff breaks
Administrator Controls

Usually each school assigns one or more System Administrators who are able to log into the system to manage and monitor the scheduling process. System Administrators can add, edit and cancel interviews and also see the results of a Parent Survey that allows school administrators to help gauge parent satisfaction of their on-line scheduling experience.



Every school we have worked with has been thrilled with the support they've received from SchoolSoft throughout the scheduling process.  In addition to having access to a real person who provides support calls, we help schools make a smooth transition from traditional scheduling to web-based scheduling of conferences by providing sample newsletter segments, web site postings and email communications for schools to use with their parent community. While the SchoolSoft Conference Manager provides your school with a sophisticated parent-teacher conference management system that is very intuitive and easy to use. However, from time-to-time there are instances where schools have required support. You can take comfort in knowing we have responsive customer support that receives great praise from our customers who have used it.


Our No Risk Guarantee

We want to eliminate the risk you feel with using a new technology.

Our guarantee is simple:

  1. Try the SchoolSoft Conference Manager for your next round of parent teacher conferences.
  2. You do not pay anything until after your first round of interviews are completed.
  3. If you are thrilled - we send you an invoice! In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied - you don't pay anything!


We encourage all schools to use the SchoolSoft Conference Manager for their next round of Parent-Teacher Conferences without any obligation.  If the round of conferences is successful for the school and they are wanting to proceed with an annual license, we issue an invoice.

Annual License Fees:

Schools with 300 or more students.

$500 / yr

Schools with fewer than 300 students

$100 / yr

+ $1/student enrolled

(eg. School of 230 students would have an annual license fee of $330) 

An invoice for subsequent annual license fees will be issued 30 days prior to the anniversary date of the first implementation of the system.