frequently asked questions

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Can you tell me how I access support?

At anytime you can click the [Support] or the [Documentation] buttons located in the top right of the screen Conference Manager. The information that is available is dependent on your user role.

How long does it take to implement the Conference Manager?

Although we indicate one-week, we typically have a school’s version of the Conference Manager available within 3 business days of receiving confirmation from a school or district that they want to use the Conference Manager. We recommend that all schools new to the Conference Manager complete a no-cost, no-obligation trial of the software to ensure they are as delighted with the Conference Manager as we hope they will be.

We are interested in implementing the Conference Manager in all schools in our district, but want parents to have one username that they use to log in regardless of the school(s) their student(s) attend. Can you provide that?

The newest version of the Conference Manager allows for district-level implementations and enable parents to have one account that provides access to any school they have a child registered as a student.

I understand the Conference Manager works with Pearson PowerSchool, we use a different Student Information System, will it work with it?

Not currently. Our product roadmap does include the Conference Manager working with different Student Information Systems. Please contact us for more details.

Is the data collected in SchoolSoft secure and is it backed up?

Our application is compliant with Privacy legislation. All personal data collected is provided by parents who have confirmed agreement with the terms and conditions of use. All data transmitted by the application is encrypted using industry standard 128 bit encryption. All information in the Conference Manager is back-up daily.

As the school’s Office Administrator the principal has asked me to be the school’s System Administrator for the Conference Manager. Do I need to have much technical expertise to fulfill this role?

Absolutely not! You will need to supply us with the required information, then we will make sure the system is up and running. In order to administer the system, you will need to have access to a computer with Internet access. If you need any assistance along the way, we are more than happy to give you a hand.

Can we limit the number of conferences a parent can book?

Yes, you can set a limit on the number of bookings a parent can make with each teacher for each student they have in the school. It is also possible to set a limit on the total number of conference bookings a parent can make across all teachers for each child they have in the school.

What about parents who don't have a computer at home?

Most parents who don't have Internet access at home can access the Internet on a work, public library or other computer. Parents who are unable to access the Internet at home, or prefer not to use a computer, can call the school to book their conferences. In this case, the office staff simply logs into the system and books the interview on the parent's behalf.

Can the school book conference times in advance of the system being open for parents? Can we book conferences that involve more than one teacher?

Schools often have specific circumstances where they need to book special conferences in advance (for example, when an interpreter is also needing to be booked) or that involve multiple teachers, support staff and administration. The office staff has access to the booking system prior to the parents so they can input the special cases prior to parents accessing the system.

Do you have references available?

Our goal is to ensure every customer is so delighted with the benefits of the Conference Manager that they would be willing to act as a reference. Contact us to hear what principals currently using the SchoolSoft Conference Manager have to say about our solution.

can't find the answer here? please contact us