SchoolSoft Technologies

COVID-19 Relief

SchoolSoft recognizes the substantial challenge educators are facing in sustaining student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and is wanting to help. During the time of the pandemic, SchoolSoft is offering free use of the Conference Manager and the Permission Form Manager at no cost or need for a contract. This offer is extended to any school or district that believes either application would be helpful in their particular situation.

Although the Conference Manager is used to book and manage Parent-Teacher Conferences online, during this period where schools are closed it is being used in a variety of ways. One that seems to be of increasing popularity is having parents or students schedule into time blocks when they can stop by the school to pick up their personal items. This seems to be particularly relevant in areas where it is believed that the schools will be closed for an extended period of time. We have developed support resources that helps schools configure the application so these kind of uses can be shared amongst the schools that are part of our customer base.

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Note, if you are a PowerSchool customer you can see the COVID-19 offerings of other PowerSchool partners at