The Conference Manager is a perfect solution for a district

Interested in an implementation across a few or all schools in the jurisdiction? 

SchoolSoft is a PowerSchool Independent Strategic Vendor. School jurisdictions using PowerSchool will be able to have their parents access the Conference Manager and book their parent-teacher conferences from inside the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

If your district doesn’t use PowerSchool, the SchoolSoft Conference Manager can still be easily implemented in all schools across a district-level.  The advantage of a district-level implementation is that a parent only needs to create one account to be able to access any of the schools their children attend.  It also provides parents with the convenience to see the status of the Conference Manager at any school they have a child attending as well as view the list of all appointments across these schools.

Whether your school jurisdiction uses PowerSchool or not, moving forward with a district-level implementation is quick and easy. Contact us for details.