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Conference Manager

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Schedule, manage, track

Simple steps for a simple process.


Complete information form

Your designated Conference Manager ‘System Administrator’ (usually an office administrator) will provide basic school information needed for us to create your Conference Manager account.


Finalize staff accounts and create ‘Conference Sessions’

The Conference Manager automatically emails staff their login credentials once your school account is created. At this time, a System Administrator will set the booking window for parents, and determine conference lengths.


Inform parents

We provide you with sample materials to help inform parents about the Conference Manager before their first booking. From here, you can easily link the Conference Manager to report cards and your school website.


Conference Manager Booking Period Opens to Parents


Parents invited to book conferences

The Conference Manager automatically emails all parents indicating that the system is open for booking. Through a link in the email, parents log in to the Conference Manager and book their conferences directly and instantly.


Teachers and staff monitor bookings

The Conference Manager instantly updates all staff and teacher schedules (including comments), with a printable outline for staff to prepare for each interview beforehand.


Conference Manager Booking Period Closes to Parents


Parents attend conferences

The Conference Manager sends email reminders and calendar invites to ensure parent attendance.


Conference reports & data for review

The Conference Manager provides the principal and system admin user with a conference summary report as well as access conference data to support analysis and decision-making.


3 ways to access

Designed for the three types of users; administrators, teachers, and parents.

Administration View

Administrators have complete control and oversight over all conferences at their school. With the Conference Manager, they create rounds of conferences, choose conference dates, and oversee all Conference Manager bookings.

Teacher View

Teachers select time blocks for which they are available. They can view booked time slots which show student names, parent/guardian names and parent comments, if any.

Parent View

Parents can easily check available appointments with teachers. Appointments can then be exported to their calendar. A booking confirmation is completed for each interview while allowing parents to add comments or questions ahead of the conference.


Everything you need to know about the Conference Manager in one place.

The Conference Manager was built to accommodate schools of all sizes, needs, and platforms. Download the information package to learn more about:



Priced to accommodate all school sizes.

Small School

Less than 300 students
$ 100
plus $1/student
per school year
  • Personal School Success Manager
  • Unlimited Access to Conference Manager
  • PowerSchool Integration
  • Custom URL for standalone use
  • Parent-feedback report

Large School

300 or more students
$ 500
per school year
  • Personal School Success Manager
  • Unlimited Access to Conference Manager
  • PowerSchool Integration
  • Custom URL for standalone use
  • Parent-feedback report


If you can't find your answer below, please contact us.

From the time we received your request to the time we have set up and you have access to your school’s version of the Conference Manager is within two business days. Although we would never encourage leaving things to the last minute, we have had a school contact us 3 hours before they wanted to schedule and we were able to have them up and running.

We do integrate with PowerSchool so that parents are able to log in to PowerSchool and then access the Conference Manager through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. However, the Conference Manager is designed to operate as a stand-alone application, which is independent from the student information system. In this instance parents use the URL provided to them by the school (or use the link on the school’s website) and register for their own accounts. The registration is done once and takes about a minute.

Yes, the Conference Manager can be set up in District Mode, which means that a common URL is used for all parent in a district. Once a parent logs in, they are able to see all the schools they have a child registered at and then select the school(s) of the student(s) that have upcoming parent-teacher conferences.

The Conference Manager is designed to make the scheduling and coordinating of parent conferences quick and easy. However, we know not all parents have access to the internet, or they may be in the school and just want to speak with someone to book a conference at that time. Anyone with system administrator or office staff access is able to book an appointment for a parent who calls in or stops by the office. In addition, schools can optionally configure a conference round so that teachers are able to also book for parents.

Yes. When a conference round is created, the system administrator is able to provide teachers with the ability to reserve time blocks, which makes them unavailable by appearing to parents as times that have already been booked. This can be used when a teacher is only available for a portion of the parent conference session or schedule. It is also a very useful feature when a teacher knows a particular parent will need more time that the one block the parent may book, or if the teacher wants to keep a block available for a parent who they know won’t book on their own.

We value the privacy of your data and know that having data secure and backed up is important to you and your school. We adhere to international standards for data-encryption, security and conduct daily back-ups of data.

The Conference Manager

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