Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us

The protection of personal information is critical to SchoolSoft Technologies.

As of May 25, 2018

SchoolSoft Technologies Inc is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and share personal data, and what choices you have with respect to your personal data. We only use your personal data for purposes related to SchoolSoft applications and as permitted by law.

Applicability of the privacy policy
This Privacy Policy applies to the SchoolSoft website. This policy does not apply to Third Party Services or websites.

Limiting the information we collect
On the SchoolSoft website we only collect and process your personal data with your knowledge and consent. We collect minimal information and your personal data is never sold. You are providing your personal data with the understanding that we may contact you regarding SchoolSoft products or services.

The personal data we collect
Categories of personal data we collect are:
Personal identifiers (such as names, contact information)
Technical information (IP address, browser stats, analytics data)

SchoolSoft does NOT collect personal data related to:
• Racial of ethnic origin
• Political opinions
• Religion
• Philosophical beliefs
• Trade union membership
• Genetic or biometric information
• Health
• Sex life
• Sexual orientation

Accuracy of your personal data
You have the right to ensure your personal data is correct. If you are aware of an error related to personal data collected on our website, please contact us and we will make the correction.

Length of time we keep your personal data
Your personal data collected on the SchoolSoft website will be permanently deleted from our system within one year of inactivity.

Keeping your data safe
SchoolSoft ensures all reasonable physical, technical and organizational safeguards are in place to protect your personal data. SchoolSoft staff are trained in the responsible use, handling and protection of your personal data.

Your rights regarding your personal data
With respect to your personal data, you have the right to:
• have errors corrected
• have your personal data erased
• limit the processing or your personal data
• object to the processing or your personal data
• data portability

Right to withdraw consent
You can withdraw your consent at any time. When you withdraw your consent, your personal data will be permanently removed from SchoolSoft systems.

SchoolSoft is obligated to take action on your requests related to private data within one month of the request (extendable to 2 months depending on volume and complexity). Communications will take place electronically unless you request otherwise.

If SchoolSoft does not take action within one month, we will provide you with a reason and information about alternative actions you can take.

Information, communication and actions will be processed free of charge, unless the requests are excessive or unfounded, in which case a reasonable fee can be charged, or the request can be refused.

Children’s privacy
Depending where you live, the age of consent related to collecting and processing personal data can vary between 13 and 18 years of age. SchoolSoft will make all reasonable efforts to communicate that children under the age of consent should not use the SchoolSoft website. If you believe we are storing or processing personal data related to children under the age of consent without parental permission, please contact us so we can delete the personal data.

Cross border data transfer
SchoolSoft produces cloud-based applications. As such, you should be aware that data processing may occur outside the European Union, typically in Canada and/or the United States.

If you don’t agree with SchoolSoft’s privacy policy
If you are under the age of consent, or if you do NOT agree with the data practices outlined in SchoolSoft’s Privacy Policy, you should not use the SchoolSoft website.

How to contact us regarding your personal data
Requests related to the collection and processing of your private data should be directed to

You have the right to file a complaint with your local authority with respect to SchoolSoft’s handling of your private data. We request that you contact us prior to filing a complaint, so we have an opportunity to discuss your concerns.